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We design, structure and manage sustainable agricultural investment solutions for investors who think long-term and want to generate stable returns. The added value for you is our expertise in fund initiation and management in combination with our fundamental understanding of agriculture.

The result of investor confidence is a managed investment volume in farm investments of more than $500 million U.S. dollars, which is managed by the Agriworld Group.




Agriworld Fund Inc.
3327 Hwy. 65 & 82 South, Suite A
Lake Village, Ark 71653 USA
Office: +1 870.265.3276

Hamburg Office:
Agriworld FarmInvest GmbH
Alstertor 1
D-22095 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 3037 5990
Fax +49 40 3037 5995
Email: post(at)agri-world.de


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